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Perth Liver Scan is a private business that primarily offers the services of the FibroScan® machine.  FibroScan® is a painless and non-invasive alternative to a liver biopsy that has the ability to scan a patients' liver and provide information regarding fat, fibrosis and scarring.  It does so using an ultrasound transducer mounted on the shaft of an electrodynamic actuator which is attached to a probe.  When contact is made between the probe and the skin overlying the liver, transient vibrations are generated which generates an elastic shear wave. 


Essentially, FibroScan® is like a virtual biopsy for your liver!


The scan only takes 5 - 10 minutes and, as mentioned, is completely painless and non-invasive.  We will provide you with a printout of your results immediately which you may take to your doctor or medical specialist for analysis.  On top of this we also offer a body composition analysis.  This is a machine, similar to a set of scales, that uses electromagnetic waves to determine numerous biometric data measurements of your body including fat, muscle and bone mass, BMR, BMI and metabolic age.  These results are also printed instantly and are primarily for your benefit, documenting your current body composition and indicating the ideal ranges.

Therefore, if you or your doctor is concerned about the state of your liver then FibroScan® is perfect for you!  It provides critical information that will guide the healing process of your liver and allow you to follow a treatment plan, then repeat the scan to prove the restoration of your liver's health.



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